IC Refractories, Chemicals & Consumables :

The chemical division is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of aqueous binders, pre-mixed shell slurries, Pattern waxes, Patch wax and glues, refractory sands, solvents and additives. The Product include.

Shell Materials :

Pre-mixed primary coat slurries and secondary coat slurries – long shelf life, excellent refractoriness, high green strength, easy collapsibility during knock-out and hi-solubility for chemical de-shelling are the properties of LNC-slurries that ensure smooth manufacturing.

Refractory sands and flours that are used in investable ceramic mixes such as Aluminosilicates & Fused quartz are available. The materials are uniformly sized, dust free, impurities are within controlled level and possess good refractoriness. All the materials are calcined and tested to assure consistent result. LNC slurries and refractory’s are reliable tested materials – an assurance of good, consistent cast Components.

Slurry Additives :

Slurry additives that are periodically added to maintain properties of slurries under use, such as colloidal silica, wetting agents and de-foamers are available.

Investment Casting Waxes :

Pattern Waxes for injection modeling of wax patterns, Unfilled and filled waxes, Path wax for repair of patterns and wax glue to aid clustering of tress are all available.