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Fluidised Bed Stucco Applicator

Fluidised Bed Stucco Applicator :

Fluidised Bed Stucco Applicator The FLUIDIZED BED stucco applicators are for backup stucco. It is used for refractory sands of larger grain sizes like 16/30, 30/40 and 60/80. For the backup coats, the Fluidized Bed gives a uniform coating and high stucco efficiency. These are blower driven and generate uniform fluidity in the refractory sand.

Available in compressed air driven models, on request. MOC Available in SS and MS powder coated options. Three bins and Blower are standard supply. A bag type dust collector to remove dust generated during operation is an addon.

The fluidising bins have a dust suction ring, for connecting the dust collector for dust removal during operation. Available in 600mm, 1000mm and 1200mm working diameters.